My name is David Tyler

I created this website because my wish, when I share them with you, is that you will enjoy these photos. You may be an artist or someone who enjoys creative art or a like-minded digital photographer.
After seeing these photo galleries perhaps you too will reconnect with your own joyful, creative experiences and maybe you too will see and appreciate your world even more.

This is my way of creating a connection with you, so you see more of me and my world and become clearer on what kind of digital art you like or don’t like. It is also as an invitation for you to share your art in your own unique way.

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My intention has been to attempt to create unique, impressionistic digital images from my photographs. I believe imagination is just as important as technique, seeing the possibilities for the final image, even before taking the photo
The photos have usually been changed to create my subjective, artistic representation of the original feeling and mood as it impacted my senses and imagination at the time, 

or subsequently
(sometimes I’m slow!)

Why I paint my photos

Imaginartion .. Imagination + Art

I often find that the photo itself does not say enough about the subject or the scene. I had a particular feeling and response at the time I took the photo that urges me to express more completely.
This work is the result of a dance between the camera (the original), my imagination (the personal creative transition) and the computer (the tangible result).
I aim to somehow bring out an expression of my wonder, amazement and joy that nature and photography give to me. That awesome spiritual journey and connection with nature which is the closest thing to heaven for me !
Photography has helped me to appreciate my world more by noticing something special that I used to walk past. My photos are a visual reincarnation and celebration of my gratitude for these special opportunities, each one capturing one unique moment in time and space. 

What I photograph and paint

Something beautiful !

  • Nature – flowers are my favorite, their vibrant colors, diverse shapes and intricate patterns. Most of nature has these features.

  • People – Ideally a special personal moment or one that shows the individual in their familiar surroundings or doing activities.

  • Animals – especially furry, loveable pets.

  • Travel / Places – I love to travel and have lived and worked in 4 countries.

  • Architecture – Classic to modern… from the Taj Mahal

    to the New York Chrysler building.

  • Old cars – last but not least. I’m a guy and find these cars irresistible !

If you havn’t already guessed, I love color !
Sometimes soft and subtle pastel watercolors and more often colors that are bold, dramatic and contrasting.

How I create a digital painted photograph

Photoshop is the foundation for all my work, because I can use layers and masks to alter my original photo. The end result will be a combination of painting with digital colored brushes, complemented by software plugins and effects to create the intended painted affect. I always add the finishing touches by using lighting and contrast to emphasize the subject, as well as to make changes to some of the colors or paint brush details.
For those who are digital photographers I have created links to training material, relevant websites and useful software.

Enjoy !

Buying my Prints

You can purchase either a one of a kind print, or one from a limited edition of 10 prints. Contact me for details

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