Photography – the journey from your head to your heart !

I started out wanting to take the perfect (and unique ) photograph ……. Sound familiar?

Of course, I am a perfectionist too, so I never created the perfect photo, despite mastering most of my SLR camera setting, using expensive heavy lenses and finishing in Photoshop using complex layers and masks.


Why I paint my photos

I often find that the photo itself does not say enough about the subject or the scene. I had a particular feeling and response at the time I took the photo that urges me to express more completely.

This work is the result of a dance between the camera (the original), my imagination (the personal creative transition) and the computer (the tangible result).

I aim to somehow bring out an expression of my wonder, amazement and joy that nature and photography give to me. That awesome spiritual journey and connection with nature which is the closest thing to heaven for me !

Photography has helped me to appreciate my world more by noticing something special that I used to walk past.  My photos are a visual reincarnation and celebration of my gratitude for these special opportunities, each one capturing one unique moment in time and space.

My wish, when I share them with you, is that you will enjoy them and perhaps reconnect with your own experiences and that maybe you too will see and appreciate your world more. This is my way of creating a connection with you, so you see more of me and my world and also as an invitation for  you to share your art in your own way.

Color your World

As you can tell from my photos, I love color. Sometimes the crazier the better. What a boring world it would be without color!

Black and white photos make a scene dramatic because of light and contrast.

But , like this text, its only contrast between two colors, although black really is just the absence of color. … More to follow


Thought for the day


Excellent presentation by Wally Roth from the Harbour City Photography Club


Abstract Photography  (click to see it)

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