As you can tell from my photos, I love color. Sometimes the crazier the better. What a boring world it would be without color. Colors are fun !

Black and white photos make a scene dramatic because of light and contrast.


St Anne’s Lace

But , like this text, its only contrast between two colors, although black really is just the absence of color.

Isn’t Nature a kaleidoscope of colors, flowers especially?


When you look at the hills and trees, have you ever wondered how many more shades of green there could possibly be?
My computer is nowhere near as imaginative when it comes to color. They are represented by just a bunch of numbers 0 (black) to 256 white) x 256×256 for various combinations of red, green & blue. That = 16,777,216 colors to choose from !

For those of you who like to decorate, you know that colors help create certain feelings, particularly warm or cold, the seasons, etc. The same with your photos.
So as you take a photo, get in touch with your feelings and see if you can recreate them in the camera, or later in the computer. More in my next post … and some free textures !

So that’s your project, to find how many ways you can use colors in a photo !

Sometimes simple:

Arbutus leaf after the rain

Sometimes crazy:

Blowing in the wind


Take a look at some of my photos and creations.
Then use your imagination to create your style. Do you prefer traditional , documentary style photos, or like me, you try to recreate the feeling triggered at the time of first seeing.

Try the color experiments:
1. Choose one color and as many different subjects as you can find.

2. Choose your sad colors and find some subjects that represent that for you

3. Choose your happy colors and find some subjects that represent that for you


Color Paul Gauguin

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