Arbutus painted phot

I started out wanting to take the perfect (and unique ) photograph. Sound familiar?

Of course, I am a perfectionist too, so I never created the perfect photo, despite mastering most of my SLR camera setting, using expensive heavy lenses and finishing in Photoshop using complex layers and masks.

The only photos that were unique were those I screwed up, blurred or had accidently pressed the shutter!

It was frustrating and definitely not fun.

One day I was gazing at one of my blurred photos and I realized I actually liked it and it was definitely unique. So finally, accepting the sad fact that I probably was not going to be included in the ranks of world class, well paid , photographers (sigh), I began to produce photos that I liked.

This meant dropping my comparison with other photographers or wanting to get the most Facebook likes – yes, for some of us its difficult to soften that competitive streak!

Once I began to do this, photography was interesting and fun again. My photos are now an expression of how I see and enjoy the world, especially nature, people or animals. Occasionally I have to resort to abstract, when I really screw up a photo ! Surprisingly, I think my photographs may have even got better too.

So maybe if you are feeling stuck or bored with your photography, think about whether that perfectionist is getting in your way of just having fun !

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